Tom was referred to the program by a former participant of Impact Recovery, who went on to become a staff member who had battled addiction himself.


When Tom entered the program, he was homeless and couch surfing, after being kicked out of the family home by his wife. Tom was chronically addicted to alcohol, drinking 30-40 standard drinks a day.


Tom adapted to the structure of the program well, it gave Tom the discipline and loving care that he needed at that time.

Program Completion

Tom finished in late 2018 after spending 13 months in the program.

Life after Impact

Tom has reconnected with his wife and children, becoming a full-time parent again before starting work full-time. Tom now runs a successful business. Tom is 3 years, 8 months clean and sober from any and all mind altering substances. Tom has friends in his life, hobbies, and still attends AA regularly, holding a secretary position at his local meetings.