Referral / Induction

Whitney was self referred to Impact Recovery after a long (10 year) battle with a drug addiction – Cannabis, speed, ice and heroin. Whitney started using intravenously at 18 years of age. Whitney lost her mother at 17 and lost her first child when he was 18 months old, due to a genetic heart disorder. Whitney was 22 years of age.

Whitney’s drug addiction spiralled out of control even more. Due to the impact of her losses and her already strong addiction, she was dealing drugs with high level dealers in Melbourne. Suffering from domestic abuse, she was committing crime and was facing a jail sentence.

She entered rehab when she was 28 years of age after losing her child to welfare and facing criminal charges.


Whitney involved herself and committed entirely to her recovery, engaging in all activities and counselling offered.

Program Completion

After detox, rehab and 18 months in supported accommodation, ongoing AOD counselling and physician visits, Whitney commenced family court proceedings and parenting courses, gaining full custody of her daughter.

Life after Impact

Whitney now has a strong relationship with her family and has real friends. Whitney works in a drug and alcohol rehab and is studying domestic abuse. She is now 6 years clean.