At Impact Recovery we value diversity of thought and experience, and believe that our inclusive culture anchors our success.

We are a diverse workplace that reflects contemporary, multicultural Australia, valuing differences with the intent to ensure every individual feels they belong, that they are supported and safe.

Impact Recovery celebrates the uniqueness of individuals who may vary in many different ways, including race, ethnicity, culture, social class, gender, age, religious belief, sexual identity, mental and physical ability.

We celebrate and promote this diversity as a strength of our organisation.

Impact Recovery is committed to

Treating all people with dignity and respect.

Developing inclusive leaders who value and have a deep understanding of inclusion and diversity, with the capability to build inclusive teams and working environments.

Delivering programs providing support services that enable all participants and workers to feel that they belong and are valued individuals who can reach their full life potential.

Communicating our progress towards our inclusion and diversity objectives across the organisation and externally.

Identifying and cultivating partnerships and stakeholder relationships that promote and improve inclusion and diversity within Impact Recovery, for our participants and in the community.

The Executive Team, supported by the Committee of Management, and aligned to our Vision and values, are accountable for driving the strategy and engaging every individual to deliver on our diversity and inclusion commitment.

We will be transparent, courageous and intentional in the steps we take.

We are committed to learning as we go, observing and adjusting our deliverables as a united team for the participants we serve in supporting their individualised recovery journey.

Toni West
Chief Executive Officer