Your membership means a lot to us and our community!

Joining us as a Member of Impact increases your involvement in our programs, gives you a vote at our AGM and strengthens much needed community support.

Your memberships help us fulfil the Circle of Needs each individual person faces throughout the process of change.

We are not government funded so we greatly value your membership, support and encouragement. We would love for you to join us!

Click here to view our Constitution (Governing Document) which contains our Membership policy.


Impact Recovery is the only long-term supervised recovery service in Bendigo with a lived-in accommodation approach of care that is providing the opportunity for change and hope for men and women 18+.

Through our services, we seek to support those who are at risk homeless, treat alcohol and other drug misuse, problem gambling issues, mental health issues and other life controlling issues. Our experience indicates that addiction is 5% ‘substance’ and 95% ‘learned habits’.

We partner with key community and professional stakeholders in our city to outwork our vision standing as generational change makers.

Our purpose – To empower people, living in a cycle of addiction to lead a life of freedom, value, and purpose!

The collective goal – Impact our world, one person at a time!

Circle of Needs

Membership Options

Individual Concession Individual Family Small and Medium Enterprise Corporate
$55 per year $75 per year $110 per year $220 per year $550 per year
Individual Concession $55 per year
Individual $75 per year
Family $110 per year
Small and Medium Enterprise $220 per year
Corporate $550 per year

Payment Options

We have a few flexible options for you to become a Member of Impact, or renew your current membership.

Please choose your preferred option below. If you would like to make other arrangements, contact us and we will work out an option that suits you.


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Financial Change Maker!

If you feel you are most comfortable, or best placed to be a Financial Change Maker, please head on over to our giving page to find out more!