Change Makers are key to how we, as an organisation, meet the needs of the greater community.

We refer to Change Makers as people who desire to achieve change in the world and their local communities – beginning with a group of people who are prepared to share time, knowledge and resources, be courageous, be positive, be compelled by love for other people and be future focused.

Change can be instigated through small and simple acts of kindness and compassion, financial commitments and gifts or donations of goods/services toward a particular individual or area of need.

Often we may never realise that the small actions we can take may have a significant change to the trajectory of someone else’s life.


Why do we celebrate Change Makers?

There is one main difference between Change Makers and the rest of the world. Most people desire change, many know what they would like to see different in the world, and some even know how it could be done best.

And then there are agents of change, individuals or groups of people who ACT to see and MAKE change truly happen.

We firmly believe those who have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the success of our organisation for community, should receive appropriate recognition.

Therefore we celebrate; our team, our sponsors, our members and the individuals and organisations, who partner to the vision, influencing the lives of others, one person at a time.

We reserve this space for those who make a significant contribution to the lives of others through Impact Recovery.

Of course, not everyone desires to be recognised, so we respect the wishes of the individual or organisation. We honour and thank you!


Become a Member of Impact

Your membership will mean a lot to us and our community!

Joining us as a Member of Impact increases your involvement in our programs, gives you a vote at our AGM and strengthens much needed community support. Your memberships help us fulfil the Circle of Needs each individual person faces throughout the process of change.

Time, skills, gifts & abilities

While financial support is greatly appreciated, we also value the amazing contributions of our team, volunteers and those who bring something special and unique to help realise our vision.

We encourage your desire to participate and help in any way you can. If you’d like to join our team, click on the button to contact us.

Financial Change Maker!

If you feel you are most comfortable, or best placed to be a Financial Change Maker, please head on over to our giving page to find out more!


Here are some truly remarkable Change Maker Stories!

We are constantly inspired by, and learn from, the amazing journeys of people in our programs, community and team. We hope these personal stories inspire you too!

* Name has been changed to protect the identity of the individual

Amazing journeys!