Thank You!

There are many ways to give to Impact Recovery, and we are so grateful to those we rely on who through great generosity help us to fulfill our life-changing mission for others.

Thank you for investing into helping someone change their life!

Impact Recovery holds Deductible Gift Recipient [DGR] status, as a recognised welfare and charity organisation, which means donations to Impact are fully tax deductible and are purposefully and intentionally applied to helping people overcome a life of crippling addictions.

All gifts over $2 are tax deductible.


What is Purposed Giving?

Purposed Giving is our way of ensuring your contributions are directed transparently and conscientiously.

We accept all kinds of financial support, from small regular donations to specific campaigns.

Your donations help us to support people and families who are facing difficulties with homelessness, alcohol and other drug use.

Major Giving

A major gift is a substantial financial commitment made by an individual, organisation, business, trust or foundation to support our work.

Your gift will be a catalyst for change!

The generosity shown through large gifts makes a significant long-term impact. Gifts of significance enable us to create change and make significant breakthroughs. They provide for long-term investment, creating the foundation for transformative work in improving the lives of people with addictions.

General Giving

There are times when you might like to give a little, or give a lot, but you’re not sure what to specifically.

That’s ok, because we appreciate all donations.

If you like, we can even let you know how your contribution helped us!

Become a Member of Impact

Your membership will mean a lot to us and our community!

Joining us as a Member of Impact increases your involvement in our programs, gives you a vote at our AGM and strengthens much needed community support. Your memberships help us fulfil the Circle of Needs each individual person faces throughout the process of change.

Circle of Needs

Your giving helps us provide the essential elements of personal growth in a safe and healthy environment.

Traditional Giving Methods

If you are most comfortable giving via traditional methods, we can accommodate you too!

Electronic / Bank Transfer

If you are giving by bank transaction, please use the following details:

NAME: Impact Recovery Ltd
BSB: 633000
ACCT: 152206991

Please nominate your giving in the reference or message field.

Cheque / Money Order

Cheques and money orders can be posted to:

Impact Recovery Ltd.
PO Box 2979, Bendigo DC, VIC 3554

Please including your contact details, so we can provide a receipt. Feel welcome to leave us a message with your gift.


If you would like to give in cash, please contact the giving team to arrange. We do not keep cash on our premises.

What is Operation “30 Beds”?

Impact Recovery is in a position to purchase a purpose built facility, which will give capacity for an additional 30 beds to be opened up for recovery.

What this means is that you get to reduce the long waiting lists for a place in this program and help more people choose a life of freedom from addiction.

How can you help?

Your contribution to Operation “30 Beds” will help us reach a deposit target of $300,000, required in order to purchase this amazing facility.

Every dollar donated to Impact Recovery makes a difference in people’s lives. It’s especially true now, with the pandemic further complicating the struggles our community was already facing.


Join our community…

…of Change Makers creating positive change for others.

Are you looking to create long-lasting change for our community? Do you want to ensure that people learn empathy and the difference one person can make to another person.

Change Makers are an incredible group of donors investing in the long term sustainability of education to prevent addictions. With their focus on a future without turning to addiction but supporting those on their road to recovery in the present. Consider a monthly donation of $20 or more.

As a Change Maker, your monthly gift works all year long to promote a more empathetic and resilient future, reminding others that even the smallest actions can create real change.

Become a Change Maker. Give monthly, starting today!

How to become a Monthly Change Maker

To become a Change Maker, start a recurring donation today of $20 or more a month. Click the button below and select “Monthly” as your preferred donation frequency.

Join the Compassion Revolution!

Start the change, join others in keeping positive change moving.

If a waterfall begins with one drop, CAN YOU IMAGINE the impact!!

Why give monthly?

It is affordable

Do you want to make a $600 gift each year, but can only do $50 a month? Become a Change Maker! Monthly giving allows you to make that dream donation without having to make that gift all at one time. Your gift will create a lasting impact.

It makes a long-lasting change

Monthly donors help Impact Recovery better plan for the future of the effects of drugs and alcohol by education. As a Change Maker, you ensure that we can continue to reach the community with education and support.

It is exciting!

When you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome letter with your own “Change Begins With Me” sticker to display in your house, on your laptop, or anywhere you’d like! Throughout the year we will send you inspiring stories of Change Makers in our community who are working proactively to prevent addictions, working towards a more positive future for all of us.

You are part of a community

Each month, Change Makers invest in long-lasting change to create a more empathetic, resilient, and compassionate community through the lessons of addictions.


Run a Workplace Campaign!

Every dollar donated to Impact Recovery makes a difference in people’s lives. It’s especially true now, with the pandemic further complicating the struggles our community was already facing in regards to use of alcohol and drugs.

We will provide you with resources to get you started and how your company can be involved to run an amazing workplace campaign. We will guide you through starting your campaign, communicating about it with employees, holding virtual events and wrapping it all up.

We’re eager to help you get started and make it a big success!

Contact us if you would like to organise a workplace event.

Leaving a gift in your Will

“The greatest legacy anyone can leave behind is to positively impact the lives of others. Whenever you add value to other people’s lives, you are unknowingly leaving footprints on the sands of time that live on, even after your demise.”

– Emeasoba George

Information for Solicitors

Preparing a Will on behalf of your client

When your client indicates they would like to leave a legacy in their will to Impact Recovery Ltd. please include the following information:

Impact Recovery Ltd.
ABN – 65 168 260 553
PO Box 2979
Bendigo DC, VIC 3554

For more information on how to leave a lasting gift in your will, please contact us to speak with our friendly giving team.

To further support our goals, we can be found on the following fundraising websites.

MyGivingCircle is a social enterprise committed to helping Charities, not-for-profits and Community Groups access grants, grow their supporter base, raise their profile and generate donations.

GIVIT connects donors and community organisations to make sure people and communities get exactly what they need, when they need it.

Impact Recovery will post new GIVIT campaigns here on our website and on our social media platforms.